Hi, I'm Garima

I am Full Stack Web Developer who is addicted to learn new things and work with people. I live with the motive of Learn-Build-Teach. Also a graduate of Computer Applications (2021).


I have been working on many mini projects to get self satisfaction so I can call myself a Web developer or a programmer! I have listed them here for your ease so you can have the overview.

Marvel Quiz App

A web quiz app made with HTML, CSS, JavaScript. If you're a big fan of Marvel see on what score you're.

Gym Website

Fully fledged Website for Gym. Made with HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Nodejs, Expressjs etc

Todo App

Todo-app a task tracker. This can take a note of all the tasks we want to do today. We can add tasks, delete tasks from this app.


A blog is an often informal diary-style text about the project maybe or sometimes something informative. I sometimes write educational blogs.

CSS- The Cascade !

Sometimes two or more competing CSS rules are applied to a particular element. In this post we will ..........

Pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements

CSS provide useful selector types that focus on specific platform state, like when the element is hovered, active etc.........

CSS Selectors

To apply CSS to an element you need to select it. CSS provides you with a number of different ways to do this, and you can explore them in this post........